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Separating with Debt, Practical Steps to Supporting your Clients

When relationships breakdown financial hardship is common. Financial abuse can also be present. Would you like to know more about how you can support people who are experiencing financial hardship and debt crisis as a result of relationship breakdown? In this session, Emma Smallwood, family law solicitor, will give you guidance and tips on how you can support people experiencing financial hardship as a result of relationship breakdown and/or domestic and family violence. It's a complex area, but this session is aimed at helping you sort through the family law and non-family law issues and figure out what needs to be done urgently and who can help your client recover financially. The presentation will be interactive using, you will be asked to log on and provide feedback on your experience helping those experiencing financial hardship during separation throughout the presentation.

1 February 2022 1:30-2:30pm EADT



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