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The LMNC FLPN held a full-day family law conference themed, “Doing it Differently”, in June 2019.  It was a great success with amazing speakers.  Lawyers and others in the family law sector were galvanised into considering ways to help people going through family law manage the process more collaboratively and with less residual damage.

Resources from conference:

Running a Child Focussed Matter – Mark MacDiarmid- 21Jun19 Doing it Differently

Costs to the Children – Biance Roche-Bolger – 21Jun19 Doing it Differently

Child Inclusive Practice – Biance Roche-Bolger – 21Jun19 Doing it Differently

Interdisciplinary Collaborative Practice – David Roberts – 21Jun19 Doing it Differently

Doing Legally Assisted FDR – Dr. Patricia Marshall – 21Jun19 Doing it Differently

Judge Joe Harman on the costs of adversarial law to society and the system

Mark MacDiarmid – The case for child-inclusive practice

Dr. Patricia Marshall on legally assisted FDR

Diane Lojszczyk on children and the court

Glenn Thompson OAM – master facilitator

Engaged audience

Megan Lewis – The Resolution Network

Bianca Roche-Bolger – on costs to the children and child inclusive practice