Events & Training

Since 12 July 2021, LMNC Family Pathways Network has ceased face to face operations. This was in response to the Government’s Public Health advice as part of the Covid-19 response.

Face-to-face service delivery, will commence again as soon as restrictions are lifted and in the meantime, we will provide our services via an online service delivery model.

Previous Webinars

Over the last 12 months, the LMNC FLPN have participated in curating 15 webinars in collaboration with our national FLPN colleagues on a range of topics. To date, the national webinars have accumulated over 25 thousand views across the country. Below are links to webinars that are still available for viewing:




Understanding Coercive Control

Jess’s book See What You Made Me Do combines forensic research with riveting story-telling and radically rethinks how to confront the national crisis of fear and abuse in our homes. Jess Hill puts perpetrators – and the systems that enable them – in the spotlight


The view of Australian Judicial Officers on domestic and family violence perpetrator interventions

19 October 2020

Presented by Professor JaneMaree Maher



20 May 2020

Presented by Trent Savill


2 September 2020

Presented by Professor Jennifer McIntosh



Running a Child Focussed Matter – Mark MacDiarmid- 21Jun19 Doing it Differently

Costs to the Children – Biance Roche-Bolger – 21Jun19 Doing it Differently

Child Inclusive Practice – Biance Roche-Bolger – 21Jun19 Doing it Differently

Interdisciplinary Collaborative Practice – David Roberts – 21Jun19 Doing it Differently

Doing Legally Assisted FDR – Dr. Patricia Marshall – 21Jun19 Doing it Differently