Operational Procedures

The quorum of a meeting will be half the steering committee members plus one.

Annual Work Plan
The steering committee will participate in a facilitated strategic planning day each year in June or July (subject to renewal of funding) to progress the objectives of the network.

Process of Election of the Network Chair
Elections will be held annually for the position of Chair. There shall be a regular rotation of the Chair. A notice of a pending election, including a formal request for nominations shall be sent to the Steering Committee members 6 weeks prior to the date of the election or other date as agreed by the Committee. Nominations shall be sent to the Project Officer prior to the scheduled election. When there is more than 1 nomination, nominees are to submit a brief statement of interest with their nomination form.

The election process shall be conducted by the Project Officer as a secret ballot during a Steering Committee meeting. The outcome of the ballot will be determined as first past the post.

The position of Chair shall be elected by the members of the Steering Committee. All Steering Committee members shall endeavor to be in attendance at the meeting at which the election is held. Where a committee member cannot attend they may supply a proxy if they wish and the ballot will continue as scheduled.

Chairperson Role
The Chair will ensure that Steering Committee meetings are conducted in accordance with meeting principles including:

  • Remaining impartial and facilitating consensus where possible;
  • Welcoming and introducing new members;
  • Ensuring there is a quorum;
  • Keeping to timelines;
  • Prioritising and adhering to the agenda;
  • Encouraging and facilitating participation in discussion;
  • Following correct procedure for decision making;
  • Summarising discussion and making sure decisions are recorded properly;
  • Demonstrating good leadership, fairness and respect;
  • The Chair shall be responsible for orientation of new Steering Committee members.
  • The Chair shall chair all regular meetings. When the Chair is unavailable the Deputy Chair will chair the meeting.

Where the Chair or Deputy Chair are both unavailable to chair a meeting or unavailable for a period of more than one week, a representative of the auspice organisation who is also a steering committee member will act as chairperson and they will undertake the responsibilities of the Chair during that period of time only.